Why hair maiden india?
At Hair Maiden India we are about helping small businesses maximize their value and revenue by providing them with tested, researched, and transparent products as well as business models. All our hair is 100% Human Hair sourced by the people you see in our videos and brought to our factory that you see in the video.

Make 5-6 Figures A Year Selling HIGH QUALITY HAIR!
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Make 5-6 Figures A Year Selling HIGH QUALITY HAIR!
 Here's How:
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Unprocessed &  Chemical-Free
Our 100% Human natural Indian hair extensions are not chemically treated in any way. We take pride in our virgin temple hair and hope all our clients and members do so as well. We use a safe 3-day steam process to achieve extreme textures when our clients request them. This safe steam process doesn’t damage the cuticles the way chemicals would. Unlike most large companies we control our steam method and take time in styling our bundles. Like any real stylist knows, it is not always about speed. Good things take time. 
Triplehead Wefting Technology
Our factory in India takes pride in a progressive work space environment in combination with the proper technology and education for our staff to deliver flawless execution. We apply special detail to ensuring all cuticles are aligned,the stitching is tight and neat, the correct amount of sealer is applied, and utmost care is taken during each step of the three head machine weft process. Our machines combined with our high quality thread are engineered to ensure maximum tightness in our machine hair wefts while still allowing stylists to easily pass a needle through.
Quality That Lasts Years
Our Indian temple hair is the most sought after human hair on the planet. “Brazilian hair”, “peruvian hair”, and even “Cambodian hair,” “styles” can not compare to the durability and versatility of pure virgin Indian hair. Our factory uses the latest machinery and finest handymen to craft each wig, frontal, lace closure, clip on, tape in, or any hair extension piece. Our human hair can be dyed and/or steamed while still maintaining its soft feel and natural texture. We have the most rare hair extensions on earth direct from South Indian temples. Do not pay for a hair vendor, instead call our hair factory for free.
 Check Out Our Client Testimonials!
Love Stassia
"Raw temple hair is not only hard to come by, but many companies are straight up lying about having it! these guys are the real deal. I have taken the trip to their factory and it has doubled my business within the last year! The factory and logistics are ran perfectly by the highly trained and fun team they have. I would recommend this team to anyone looking to do good business for years to come!"
Nygeria Free
"Love my new hair! I only needed two bundles with a lace closure for my full head and its super thick, so the look is totally natural! I have a lot of trouble with hair that matts up and tangles, since I travel in South America for business. With this hair I just wash and condition regularly and I am always good to go!"

Kai Blu Scentz
"Hair Maiden India has the best quality hair and unbeatable customer service. I posted a picture with my hair on point and my inbox filled up! I wear clip-on's from time to time and these human hair clip-on's are the first time I've had so many compliments! I can lift the color on this hair easily and never have to worry about a bad hair day anymore!"
Marali Natalia
I'm from Los Angeles and I have been buying hair for years! This is absolutely the BEST wavy Indian hair I have ever had the pleasure to wear! I can get it wet and it has an amazing wet and wavy look and I can curl it back up for the night. The best part is... It stays soft and doesn't tangle!
 Here's How:
(Enter Your Information Below To Schedule A FREE Strategy Session, And Download Our Wholesale Pricing Sheet!)
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